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Introducing a Highly Profitable and Rewarding
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Earn large commissions by promoting our Autism site
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Autism: everything parents and caregivers should know about the disorder is a comprehensive, well-written package that dispels the myths and misconceptions about autism.

The entire autism program sells for $19 USD and every sale you refer we will pay you 75.00%
All commissions are paid every 30 days. (Commissions are paid twice monthly, via check or direct deposit)

How do you promote? ... Once you join our affiliate team, you’ll be given access to our enormous "Affiliate Tool Area". All you have to do is promote the high converting landing page, using the many articles, blog posts, ads, banners, etc that we provide (or you can create your own). We have dozens of professionally written articles that also available via email to our top performing affiliates. To earn the most commission possible you’ll want to target parents of autistic children, or their caregivers. All copy on the landing page, banners, ads, and pop-ins were professionally crafted by a top copyrighting expert over a period of three weeks.

How Commissions are Managed:

We use ClickBank to manage our affiliate program. So, all you need is a FREE ClickBank affiliate account ID and ClickBank will do the rest for you.

You get paid $13.90 on every sale! ($19 - 7.5% + $1 for ClickBank x 75% = $13.90)

You well be credited for a sale even if your buyer doesn’t buy on the first day, in fact, the cookie is a 60-day cookie, so you get sales up to 60 days later.

Why such a high commission rate? ... Because, our goal is to make it worthwhile and extremely lucrative for our affiliates; we want them to be excited about our program so they are motivated to help us grow our business.

Who pays me? ... ClickBank pays you, and all earned commissions are paid via bimonthly check or direct deposit.

When do I get paid? ... When a sale is made ClickBank tracks it and holds onto your commission. Pay periods end at 12:00:01 am Pacific time on the 1st and 16th of each month. For periods ending on the 1st of the month, payments are sent on the 15th of the same month. For periods ending on the 16th of the month, payments are sent on the last day of the same month.

Only 3 easy steps to get started:

1) Create an account with ClickBank if you don’t have one already.

2) Sign up as our affiliate via the registration form below.

3) Login to our affiliates area to access all your promotional tools and start earning money!

Join us as our affiliates and earn a 75% commission on every sale !

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We view our affiliates as our partners - your success means our success.
Therefore, we will do our best to support all our affiliates,
and we give a very generous 75% commission to show our appreciation for your partnership.

Privacy Statement: Your data will never be rent, sold or displayed to anyone, period.

To Your Success,
Scott Boyd

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